Soundtrack: Arthur

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 16 songs that can be heard in the comedy movie “Arthur”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 16 songs featured in “Arthur”:

Song:Listen on:
A Harmless Game of Dress Up - Arthur Orchestra
Timestamp: 0:01 | Scene: Song can be heard at the beginning of the movie. Arthur disguises himself as Batman.
Pogo - Eternal Summers
Timestamp: 0:19 | Scene: Police are tracking Naomi.
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Chapel of Love - The Dixie Cups
Timestamp: 0:33 | Scene: Arthur proposes to Susan in a restaurant.
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Pass Out - Tinie Tempah
Timestamp: 0:50 | Scene: Susan tries to seduce Arthur.
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Start At the Bottom - The Newton Brothers
Timestamp: 1:02 | Scene: Arthur pays someone to wear the costume to work.
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Where Our Destination Lies - Ben Gibbard
Timestamp: 1:11 | Scene: Arthur tells Naomi he's engaged.
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I've Been Horribly Emasculated - Russell Brand
Timestamp: 1:16 | Scene: Russel sings this song for Susan.
When the Sun Goes Down On Your Street - Ben Gibbard
Timestamp: 1:24 | Scene: Arthur takes care of Hobson, who's sick.
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Hello I Must Be - Mark McAdam & Dermot Mulroney
Timestamp: 1:27 | Scene: Arthur falls asleep next to Hobson. He wakes up and realizes she's dead.
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Can't Buy You - Daniel Merriweather
Timestamp: 1:28 | Scene: After Hobson dies, Arthur throws a party. He spends the night in the bathroom.
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Dazed - Daniel Merriweather
Timestamp: 1:40 | Scene: Arthur gets dumped by Naomi after the wedding.
A Little Bit Better - Daniel Merriweather
Timestamp: 1:45 | Scene: Song can be heard at the end of the episode. Arthur and Naomi leave with the "Bat-Mobile". The credits follow.
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Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do) - Fitz & The Tantrums
Timestamp: 1:47 | Scene: 2nd song which can be heard in the credits.
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While You Wait - Mark McAdam & Dermot Mulroneyyoutube logo
1,2,3 - Jessica Fichotyoutube logo

The original score of “Arthur” includes 10 songs by the film composer “Theodore Shapiro”.

Song:Listen on:
A Harmless Game Of Dress Up (Arthur Orchestra)3:01
A Little Bit Better (Daniel Merriweather)3:45
Where Our Destination Lies (Ben Gibbard)2:40
Dazed (Daniel Merriweather)3:53
Hello I Must Be (Mark McAdam & Dermot Mulroney)1:46
While You Wait (Marc McAdam)3:54
When The Sun Goes Down (Ben Gibbard)3:20
Can't Buy You (Daniel Merriweather)3:52
Pogo (Eternal Summers)1:42
Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do) (Fitz & The Tantrums)3:47
Total Album Time: 31:40

What’s the movie about?
The comedy “Arthur” is about the playboy Arthur Bach (Russell Brand). He is rich, a womanizer and celebrates a party almost every day. His family no longer wants to tolerate his behavior and give him an ultimatum: Either he marries the beautiful Susan Johnson (Jennifer Garner) or he loses his inheritance. But shortly before that Arthur falls in love with sweet Naomi Quinn (Greta Gerwig). He has to make up his mind: Either he lives in luxury with his family or he decides for the great love, which you can’t buy with any money in the world.

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