Soundtrack: Bachelorette

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 19 songs that can be heard in the movie “Bachelorette”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 19 songs featured in “Bachelorette”:

Song:Listen on:
Infinity Guitars - Sleigh Bells
Timestamp: 0:04 | Scene: First song. Can be heard in the opening credits.
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Quartet for Strings No. 17 Haydn Quartet No. 4 In B-Flat Major Kv 458: Adagio - Mozarteum Quartet Salzburg
Timestamp: 0:11 | Scene: Is to be heard at the engagement party of Becky.
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Moving In Stereo - The Cars
Timestamp: 0:12 | Scene: Gena sees Clyde for the first time.
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Quartet for Strings No. 14 „Haydn Quartet No. 1“ in G Major KV 387 - Mozarteum Quartet Salzburg
Timestamp: 0:14 | Scene: Clyde sees Gena at the other end of the room.
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Sweet 16 - Thunderheist
Timestamp: 0:19 | Scene: The stripper at Becky's bachelorette party.
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A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins
Timestamp: 0:21 | Scene: Becky leaves the party and Gena, Regan and Katie continue to drink and take drugs.
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Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major „Elvira Madigan“, K. 467: III. - Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell & Robert Casadesus
Timestamp: 0:25 | Scene: The girls ask the staff for help...
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Coffee - Aesop Rock & John Darnielle
Timestamp: 0:27 | Scene: The men drive to a strip club in a limo.
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Free Your Mind - En Vogue
Timestamp: 0:33 | Scene: To hear in the Stripclub.
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Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer
Timestamp: 0:35 | Scene: Second song in the strip club when Gena, Katie and Regan enter it.
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Creepin - Bonjay
Timestamp: 0:38 | Scene: Clyde gets a private performance.
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It’s Too Late (For Tears) - Rene Bailey
Timestamp: 0:45 | Scene: In the background you can hear Regan and Trevor having drinks.
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I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
Timestamp: 0:55 | Scene: Clyde plays this song for Gena while they kiss.
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Slide - The Goo Goo Dolls
Timestamp: 1:02 | Scene: Joe tries to open the bathroom door. The girls are completely excited and try to get the dress to Becky in time.
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Symphony No. 9 in C Major, K.73: I. Allegro - Chamber Armonie Orchestra
Timestamp: 1:08 | Scene: Gena beats Trevor. Everyone is on their way to the wedding.
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Air On G String - J.S.BACH
Timestamp: 1:12 | Scene: Becky goes down the aisle.
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Wedding March - Felix Mendelssohn
Timestamp: 1:15 | Scene: To be heard after the toast of Gena and Katie. Becky and Dale are officially married.
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I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
Timestamp: 1:18 | Scene: Can be heard at the end of the wedding and runs into the credits.
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Por Causa do Amor - Ricardo Alves
Timestamp: 0:00 | Scene:
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What’s the movie about?
A ruined dinner. A stripper who unhappily blabbers. And a torn XXXL wedding dress. Regan, Gena and Katie rush through the New York night in search of a solution to halfway fix the chaos they caused at Beckys bachelorette party. But things don’t go according to plan,
and a swimming pool, the ex’s mother, a lot of champagne and plenty of sex make the night run completely out of control …

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    I would like to know, what the piano piece in the credits is called after I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers? I just can’t find it and Shazam and SoundHound can`t help me. I really would like to know about, can anybody help me?


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