Soundtrack: Central Intelligence

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 16 songs that can be heard in the action movie “Central Intelligence”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 16 songs featured in “Central Intelligence”:

Song:Listen on:
My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It) – En Vogue
Timestamp: 0:01 | Scene: Song can be heard right at the beginning of the movie. A fat teenager is in the shower.
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Me So Horny – The 2 Live Crew
Timestamp: 0:12 | Scene: Calvin's computer hangs up at an unpleasant point in the video as his colleagues enter his office.
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Jumpman – Drake & Future
Timestamp: 0:17 | Scene: Bob tells Calvin to get some shots.
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Song 2 – Blur
Timestamp: 0:42 | Scene: Bob urges Calvin to jump out of the office window.
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Wannabe – Spice Girls
Timestamp: 1:19 | Scene: Calvin realizes Bob's cell phone isn't working.
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Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.
Timestamp: 1:29 | Scene: Bob and Calvin land with the helicopter at the class reunion.
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Party Up (Up In Here) – DMX
Timestamp: 1:31 | Scene: First song to be heard at the reunion.
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If You Were Here – Thompson Twins
Timestamp: 1:38 | Scene: After the reunion. Bob is waiting for him in front of Calvin's house.
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The Boogie – Outasight
Timestamp: 1:52 | Scene: First song in the credits.
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Unbelievable – EMFamazon logo
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My Own Worst Enemy – Litamazon logo
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Miserable – Litamazon logo
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Can I Kick It? – A Tribe Called Questamazon logo
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Jump Around – House of Painamazon logo
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We Want Some P***y – 2 Live Crew amazon logo
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Like This – The High Decibels---

The original score of “Central Intelligence” includes 30 songs by the film composers “Ludwig Goransson” und “Theodore Shapiro”.

Central Intelligence2:08
Golden Jet1:01
I Don’t Like Bullies1:24
Trophy Case0:49
Forensic Accounting2:25
Good Morning, It’s the CIA1:37
Office Escape3:05
Stop the Car1:13
Nunchucks and Bikes0:56
Jet on a Bike0:58
Bob Is the Black Badger0:56
Couples Counseling0:28
She Gave You a Button1:46
The Betrayal1:20
Bob’s Interrogation2:30
Safe House Escape2:16
Take Off 0:26
Harris Is the Badger1:27
Kill My Partner2:42
Garage Fight1:20
Stay Away from Me Bob1:08
Betrayer’s Standoff1:54
Bob vs. Phil 1:19
Next Level Sh*t 1:13
Homecoming King0:50
Bob Stone’s Acceptance Speech2:08
Total Album Time: 43:30

What’s the movie about?
The action comedy “Central Intelligence” is about the CIA agent Bob (Dwayne Johnson). Bob was overweight in high school and was often bullied, only his classmate Calvin (Kevin Hart), who was very popular with everyone, stood by him. 20 years later Calvin works as an accountant and Bob has become a cool muscleman and CIA spy. But to successfully complete a secret mission, Bob needs the help of his former schoolmate. Calvin doesn’t think much of this idea, but before he can fully grasp the situation, he has to defend himself against some villains.

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