Soundtrack: Dallas Buyers Club

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 11 songs that can be heard in the drama film “Dallas Buyers Club”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 11 songs from “Dallas Buyers Club”:

Song:Listen on:
Midnight Blue - John Fumo
Timestamp: 0:05 | Scene: Song can be heard in the cafe.
High and Dry - Radiohead
Timestamp: 0:10 | Scene: Adam finds out he has cancer.
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Simplicity - Harmony & Balance
Timestamp: 0:20 | Scene: Adam does some exercises with Katherine.
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New Country - The Walkmen
Timestamp: 0:24 | Scene: Rachel is taking Adam to the hospital. His therapy begins.
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To Love Somebody - Bee Gees
Timestamp: 0:27 | Scene: Adam gets high after eating some weed cookies. He's wandering around the hospital.
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Work to Do - The Aggrolites
Timestamp: 0:32 | Scene: Adam shaves his hair off.
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Downtown Blues - Eric V Hachikian
Timestamp: 0:37 | Scene: Adam is sitting at home when he gets a call from his mother.
Turn It Down - Sideway Runners
Timestamp: 0:38 | Scene: Kyle sees Rachel getting involved with another guy.
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Soul Connection (feat. The Diplomettes) - Diplomats Of Solid Sound
Timestamp: 0:46 | Scene: Song can be heard at the diner.
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Stay the Same - AutoKratz
Timestamp: 0:46 | Scene: Song can be heard in the club.
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Too Late For Dancing - Shapes and Sizes
Timestamp: 0:49 | Scene: Adam has sex.
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Days Gone Down (Still Got the Light In Your Eyes) - Gerry Rafferty
Timestamp: 0:54 | Scene: Katherine takes Adam home. Song can be heard on the car radio.
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Angel (RAC Remix) - Mr. Little Jeans
Timestamp: 0:55 | Scene: Song can be heard at the club. Adam tries to tell the girls that he has cancer.
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Crying - Roy Orbison
Timestamp: 1:00 | Scene: The painting is set on fire.
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The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack - Liars
Timestamp: 1:26 | Scene: Adam is being pushed into the operating room. He says goodbye to his mother.
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Yellow Ledbetter - Pearl Jam
Timestamp: 1:35 | Scene: Song can be heard in the credits.
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Brick or Coconuts - Jacuzzi Boys
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What’s the movie about?
The film is set in Dallas, mid-1980s. The cowboy Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) learns by chance that he is HIV-positive and will not live much longer. But he doesn’t want to die yet and goes to Mexico to get a drug that isn’t allowed in the USA. He quickly starts a partnership with the Transsexual Rayon (Jared Leto). Together they found the “Dallas Buyers Club”, whose members are supplied with the medicines for a monthly fee. But soon the local authorities become aware of the two and want to close the club…

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