Soundtrack: Delivery Man

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 12 songs that can be heard in the comedy film “Delivery Man”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 12 songs from “Delivery Man”:

Song:Listen on:
Someday - The Strokes
Timestamp: 0:01 | Scene: Song can be heard in the opening credits of the comedy.
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Thunderstruck - AC/DC
Timestamp: 0:16 | Scene: David visits a basketball game of his son.
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Wonderful, Glorious - Eels
Timestamp: 0:34 | Scene: David now visits all his children.
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Love to Get Used - Matt Pond
Timestamp: 0:45 | Scene: David follows his son into a Starbucks.
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Strike It Up - Black Box
Timestamp: 0:56 | Scene: David takes Viggo to his practice.
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100 Other Lovers - DeVotchKa
Timestamp: 1:01 | Scene: David visits all children in camp.
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Little Hands - Inland Sky
Timestamp: 1:38 | Scene: David meets all his kids at the hospital.
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Light of Love - T. Rex
Timestamp: 1:40 | Scene: Song can be heard in the credits.
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Real Real Gone - Van Morrison
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Friday Night Forever - Dan Gautreau & Wolfgang Black
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Into the Pool - Mark Revell
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So Shy - Richard Myhill
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What’s the movie about?
The comedy “Delivery Man” is about David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) in his mid-forties who is still searching for the meaning of his life. He works for his father in a delivery service. His attractive girlfriend Emma (Cobie Smulders) slowly gets tired of him, too, because she thinks that he is incapable of taking responsibility. One day he gets the news that he is the father of 533 children. His sperm donation, which he had made 20 years ago, was spent on 533 couples due to a mistake in the sperm bank. 142 of his children even filed a class action to get to know their biological father. Against the advice of his friend Brett (Chris Pratt), he looks at the profiles of his children. Then he wants to become a part of their lives.

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