Soundtrack: Doctor Strange

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 4 songs that can be heard in the action movie “Doctor Strange”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 4 songs featured in “Doctor Strange”:

Song:Listen on:
Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
Timestamp: 0:05 | Scene: Wong is listening to this song. Doctor Strange steals a book.
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Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione
Timestamp: 0:05 | Scene: Song can be heard during the operation.
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Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd
Timestamp: 0:10 | Scene: Doctor Strange drives the car to an appearance as a speaker. He gets a call from the hospital.
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Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) - Beyonce
Timestamp: 0:44 | Scene: Doctor Strange begins surgery and lets this song play.
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The original score of “Doctor Strange” includes 19 songs by the film composer “Michael Giacchino”.

Ancient Sorcerer's Secret2:37
The Hands Dealt2:56
A Long Strange Trip2:28
The Eyes Have It1:23
Mystery Training1:53
Reading Is Fundamental1:39
Inside the Mirror Dimension4:04
The True Purpose of the Sorcerer2:09
Sanctimonious Sanctum Sacking7:27
Astral Doom3:41
Post Op Paracosm1:15
Hippocratic Hypocrite1:34
Smote and Mirrors6:29
Ancient History4:08
Hong Kong Kablooey3:35
Astral Worlds Worst Killer6:17
Strange Days Ahead5:59
Go for Baroque2:55
The Master of the Mystic End Credits3:50
Total Album Time: 66:19

What’s the movie about?
The action movie “Doctor Strange” is about the neurologist Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who can no longer work as a doctor after a car accident. After several unsuccessful operations and therapies he decides to travel to Tibet. There he meets the hermit The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton), who introduces him to a mystical world full of alternative dimensions. Over time, Doctor Strange develops into one of the most powerful magicians in the world. His new abilities are soon put to the test, because the world is facing a threat from another dimension…

3 thoughts on “Soundtrack: Doctor Strange”

  1. The “All 4 songs featured in “Doctor Strange”” section has incorrect information. Wong was listening to Beyonce. Strange was listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire during him doing surgery.

    • As stated above: Wong was listening to Beyonce, Strange told his coworker to give him a “challenge song” (Feels So Good – Chuck Mangione), Shining Star was the the song where we first see Strange in the beginning of the movie after Kaecilius’s intro, and Interstellar Overdrive was playing when Strange crashed, which was correct. 🙂


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