Soundtrack: Drinking Buddies

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 16 songs that can be heard in the comedy movie “Drinking Buddies”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 16 songs featured in “Drinking Buddies”:

Song:Listen on:
Lady Luck - Richard Swift
Timestamp: 0:00 | Scene: Can be heard directly at the beginning of the film.
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In Decay - Phèdre
Timestamp: 0:04 | Scene: 1st song in the bar. Jill comes in.
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Came Out of a Lady - Rubblebucket
Timestamp: 0:05 | Scene: Second song in the bar. They play pool.
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Turns Around the Bottle - Barna Howard
Timestamp: 0:09 | Scene: Luke starts this song on his stereo when Kate comes by. They kiss on the couch. Luke hands Kate a present shortly after.
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Cayucos - Cayucas
Timestamp: 0:12 | Scene: Is to be heard at the event, which Kate organized. Chris is introduced to Luke.
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How Do I Know - Here We Go Magic
Timestamp: 0:15 | Scene: Chris is talking to Jill.
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Dragon - The Amazing
Timestamp: 0:37 | Scene: Kate and Luke go swimming together. Chris drives everyone back home.
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Cotton Strands - Wolf People
Timestamp: 0:40 | Scene: The first song in the bar: Kate and Chris separate.
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High School Lover - Cayucas
Timestamp: 0:41 | Scene: The first song in the bar: Luke asks Kate if she goes outside with him.
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That’s Not a Beat - James Swanberg
Timestamp: 0:43 | Scene: The third song which can be heard in the bar.
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San Francisco - Foxygen
Timestamp: 0:43 | Scene: The fourth song in the bar. Luke asks Kate if he should take her home with him.
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Borrowed Time - Night Beds
Timestamp: 0:53 | Scene: Kate sits on the couch with Luke and Jill.
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In the Darkness - Foxygen
Timestamp: 1:03 | Scene: Luke plays this title for Kate. Both fall asleep...
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Tonight - Sibylle Baier
Timestamp: 1:07 | Scene: Luke helps Kate clean her apartment before she moves out. But he is so tired and falls asleep in her bed.
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It Soon Will Be Fire - Richard Youngs
Timestamp: 1:20 | Scene: Mike goes home after a fight with Kate.
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The End of That - Plants and Animals
Timestamp: 1:27 | Scene: Song can be heard in the credits.
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What’s the movie about?
Luke (Jake Johnson) and Kate (Olivia Wilde) work together for a beer brewery. Actually both are in a steady relationship, but one day they spend a weekend together without their partners. And with the free beer they get from their brewery anything can happen…

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