Soundtrack: Max

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 8 songs that can be heard in the movie “Max”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 8 songs featured in “Max”:

Song:Listen on:
Higher Than My Station – Close Your Eyes
Scene: Justin listens to this song through his headphones. He plays a video game.
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Back Home – Andy Grammer
Scene: Justin meets his friends in the park. Also to be heard when Justin tried on some T-shirts.
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Can You Get to That – Houndmouth
Scene: Max and Justin walk down the street together for the first time.
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Forever Young – Blake Shelton
Scene: This song can be heard in the credits of "Max".
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Believer – American Authorsyoutube logo
Mami Baila – Skeey---
Tubthumping – ASU Sun Devil Marching Bandyoutube logo
Join The 21st Century – Dror Mohar---

The original score of “Max” includes 17 songs by the film composer “Trevor Rabin”.

1.Max's First Cache3:33
2.Max Rushes Coffin1:39
3.Carmen Teaches Justin1:24
4.Bike Toss0:41
5.Bike Ride2:45
6.Fireworks Display1:54
7.Tracking Emilio2:30
8.Keep Him In Line1:51
9.Realist or Hero2:09
10.Max's Training DVD1:56
11.Max Escapes1:40
12.Let's Do This2:16
13.Mom's Law1:26
14.You're Not A Marine0:46
15.Round Two3:28
17.Max's Suite3:46
Total Album Time: 37:41

What’s the movie about?
The movie “Max” is based on a true incident and tells the story of the Belgian shepherd “Max”, who is used by the US military in Afghanistan. After his owner Kyle Wincott (Robbie Amell) has died in the fighting area, the dog returns to the USA and is taken in by Kyle’s family. At first the 14-year-old Justin (Josh Wiggins) does not want to take care of the animal. The loss of his brother hurts too much. But with time Justin opens up to the shepherd and with his help he tries to overcome his problems and mourning for his deceased brother. And even the traumatized Max slowly regains his trust in people.

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