Soundtrack: No Strings Attached

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 19 songs that can be heard in the comedy movie “No Strings Attached”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 19 songs featured in “No Strings Attached”:

Song:Listen on:
Shake Ya Tailfeather - Nelly, P. Diddy and Murphy Lee
Timestamp: 0:02 | Scene: Song can be heard at the beginning of the film: Emma and Adam are at a party.
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Ms. Jackson - Outkast
Timestamp: 0:04 | Scene: Emma and Adam are talking at the party.
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What Good Is a Boy - Lanchen
Timestamp: 0:09 | Scene: In the present: Adam is filming a dance scene.
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Click Click Click - Bishop Allen
Timestamp: 0:11 | Scene: Adam is going to his father. His father is training right now.
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Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson ft. Q-Tip and MND
Timestamp: 0:16 | Scene: Adam calls all the women he's got on his cell phone. He is looking for a woman who wants to sleep with him.
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99 Problems - Hugo
Timestamp: 0:29 | Scene: The band plays this song. Adam and Eli get a drink. He writes Emma a message.
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Bossa Nova Baby - Elvis Presley
Timestamp: 0:34 | Scene: Montage: Emma and Adam sleep together several times.
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Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
Timestamp: 0:44 | Scene: Adam and Emma are lying in bed listening to this song. They fall asleep...
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Girlfriend - Phoenix
Timestamp: 0:48 | Scene: Emma gets drunk and flirts with a doctor.
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Down, Down, Down - Ellery
Timestamp: 0:49 | Scene: Song can be heard at the party.
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Take Your Time - Al Green ft. Corinne Bailey Rae
Timestamp: 0:50 | Scene: Emma asks a man if he's going home with her.
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Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D'Angelo
Timestamp: 0:52 | Scene: Emma is calling a cab. She makes her way to Adam's house. She wants to stop him from sleeping with another woman.
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I Wanna Sex You Up - Colour Me Badd
Scene: First song to be heard at the college party.
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Love Lost - The Temper Trap
Scene: Emma and Adam are attending Emma's sister's wedding.
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Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's
Scene: Song can be heard at the end of the movie. The credits follow.
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Life Is Precious - Megan Jacobsyoutube logo
Rock It - Little Red
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It Was You - Robbie Nevil
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I Will Let You Go - Daniel Ahearn
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What’s the movie about?
The comedy “No Strings Attached” is about Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman), who have known each other since childhood. They shared their first kiss, but had no relationship. After a few years of contact silence, the two suddenly meet again in Los Angeles. It goes so far that they even sleep together. But Emma has no time for a relationship, because as a future doctor she has to learn a lot. However, they agree to stay “friends with certain advantages”. Sex yes – relationship no! Unfortunately, Adam finally falls in love with his childhood girlfriend…

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