Soundtrack: The Age of Adaline

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 15 songs that can be heard in the movie “The Age of Adaline”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album, but are used in the movie.

All 15 songs featured in “The Age of Adaline”:

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Since I Don’t Have You - The Skyliners
Timestamp: 0:13 | Scene: At the station: Adaline and Flemming meet a mutual friend, who immediately recognizes that Adaline looks quite young.
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I’m Just A Jitterbug - Ella Fitzgerald feat. Chick Webb And His Orchestra
Timestamp: 0:17 | Scene: Song can be heard at the New Year's Eve party. Adaline looks at a photo from her past. A flashback follows.
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Tear For You My Dear - Martin Gibson & Jeromy Allinger
Timestamp: 0:19 | Scene: Adaline enters the New Year's Eve party. (piano music)
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The Rainbow People - Dexter Gordon
Timestamp: 0:37 | Scene: Adaline meets Ellis in his apartment for her second date.
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Drift Dive - The Antlers
Timestamp: 0:43 | Scene: Adaline and Ellis kiss and sleep together.
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Comin’ Back To Me - Jefferson Airplane
Timestamp: 0:45 | Scene: In the taxi Adaline remembers William, who wanted to propose to her.
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Gimme Some Lovin’ - Sam & Dave
Timestamp: 1:00 | Scene: Adaline, Ellis and his sister drive to his parents' house to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
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Simple Twist Of Fate - Bob Dylan
Timestamp: 1:07 | Scene: Adaline meets the father of Ellis. He remembers how he fell in love with her.
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Start Again - Rob Simonsen and Faux Fix, Feat. Elena Tonra
Timestamp: 1:46 | Scene: First song to be heard in the credits.
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Don’t Watch Me Dancing - Little Joy
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Brighter In The Night - Nancy McCallion
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Goodnight - Stephen Lu
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Auld Lange Syne - Stephen Lu
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Lana Del Rey - Life Is Beautiful
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Mr. Blue Sky - Jeff Lynne

What’s the movie about?
Fairytale, romantic drama about a young woman who doesn’t age after an accident.

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