Station 19 Season 5 Soundtrack: All songs with scene descriptions

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Listen to all songs from the fifth season of the ABC show Station 19. A complete playlist.

Every song from the episodes released so far is equipped with a scene description, a time stamp and an audio sample. In season 5 of Station 19 5 songs can be heard.

Season 5 – Episode 1

Phoenix from the Flame

Song:Listen on:
I Got A Feeling - Felix Jaehn & Robin Schulz Feat. Georgia Ku
Timestamp: 0:01 | Scene: At the beginning of the episode. The whole station 19 celebrates the New Year.
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Good As Hell - Lizzo
Timestamp: 0:06 | Scene: At the wedding party: Maya turns the song back on. Andrea talks to Robert Sullivan. She tells him that she doesn't want to work with him anymore.
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Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
Timestamp: 0:09 | Scene: Song can be heard during the fairground scene.
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If I Could - Charlotte Day Wilson
Timestamp: 0:30 | Scene: The fire truck explodes. In slow motion, the firefighters stand up. Maya and Carina kiss and embrace.
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Timestamp: 0:38 | Scene: At the end of the episode. Andrea cries.

Article will be updated as soon as new episodes are released.

36 thoughts on “Station 19 Season 5 Soundtrack: All songs with scene descriptions”

    • Music by Judith Hill, Toulouse has been featured in the Station 19 soundtrack. Some of Judith Hill, Toulouse’s most popular songs include Wait For The Sun, which was featured in the Station 19 soundtrack.(not yet released!)

  1. Below you will find the name of the song but still not downloaded it

    “All This Love”
    Ruby Amanfu
    Crisis One help their patients; Sullivan pulls his fellow firefighters from the basement.

  2. Does anyone know the name of the song at the beginning of S5E7? Thank you!!

    LYRICS: So shine a light on me / Shine a light on me / Burn Let It Burn Make It bright so they all can see / Shine a light on me

  3. Anyone know what the song was that played season 5 episode 13 when Warren was told to pretty much quit being a fire fighter .
    Those are the lyrics I could make out
    Shazam didn’t pick it up

    they be quiet im.not comfortable with silence i didnt try to fight it

  4. Does anyone know the song playing with the kids in the bus on Season 5 Episode 18? I have tried everything and cannot find it


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