The F Word Soundtrack: Listen to all 22 songs with scene descriptions

Each song is provided with a scene description and timestamp, as well as a full-length audio playback.

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Note: Below is a complete playlist of all 22 songs that can be heard in the movie “The F Word”. Some of these commercial songs are not included on the official soundtrack album but are used in the movie.

All 22 songs featured in “The F Word”:

Song:Listen on:
(Walkin' Through the) Sleepy City - The Parting Gifts
Timestamp: 0:01 | Scene: song is heard right at the beginning of the film. Wallace gets a call - from his friends. She is breaking up with him. At the party, Wallace meets Chantry.
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Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.E. - Rich Aucoin
Timestamp: 0:02 | Scene: The second song, which can be heard at the party.
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Best of Friends - Palma Violets
Timestamp: 0:03 | Scene: The third song heard at the party. Chantry describes the small dent on her forehead.
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Wings - Haerts
Timestamp: 0:04 | Scene: Wallace and Chantry leave the party.
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Big Bird in a Small Cage - Patrick Watson
Timestamp: 0:05 | Scene: Wallace is sitting on the roof holding a picture painted by Chantry.
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Once Upon a Time... Storybook Love - Mark Knopfler
Timestamp: 0:09 | Scene: Wallace is watching a movie in the theater.
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Oh Saskatchewan - Matt Masters
Timestamp: 0:11 | Scene: Wallace and Chantry are eating at a diner.
Into Giants - Patrick Watson
Timestamp: 0:13 | Scene: Wallace and Chantry are talking to each other online.
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Chinese Lament - Abbas Premjee
Timestamp: 0:15 | Scene: Allan tells Wallace not to get his hopes up because Chantry already has a boyfriend.
Our Hour - The Evan Bobrowski Quartet
Timestamp: 0:16 | Scene: Chantry and her sister are having dinner.
Big Noise from Winnetka - Bob Crosby and His Orchestra
Timestamp: 0:20 | Scene: Ben gets pepper in his eyes. Wallace tries to help him.
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Blackwind - Patrick Watson
Timestamp: 0:34 | Scene: Ben calls Chantry from different places around the world.
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Woohoo (feat. Ost & Kjex) - H.O.S.H.
Timestamp: 0:37 | Scene: Wallace and Chantry talk about the craziest places they've had sex in.
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Beethoven: Piano Sonata, Opus 79 No. 25 (Cuckoo) - Ludwig Van Beethoven
Timestamp: 0:42 | Scene: Allan is looking for jewelry for his girlfriend. Allan tries to give Wallace advice on how to impress Chantry.
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Dreaming - Adam & The Amethysts
Timestamp: 0:45 | Scene: Nicole is preparing for the wedding.
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Wedding March Pipe Organ - Felix Mendelssohn
Timestamp: 0:47 | Scene: Allan and Nicole are getting married.
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(Oh No! Not) The Beast Day - Marsha Hunt
Timestamp: 0:49 | Scene: Wallace dances with Chantry and Megan at the wedding.
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Lighthouse - Patrick Watson
Timestamp: 0:58 | Scene: Wallace and Chantry are on the beach and go into the water.
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Glen to Glen - Dave Gossage and Tuna Traditional

Timestamp: 1:06 | Scene: Chantry and Ben are talking to a couple at the bar.
Float - Pacific Air
Timestamp: 1:19 | Scene: Wallace, Allan and Nicole are at a bar. Wallace says he wants to continue his medical studies.
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It - Rich Aucoin
Timestamp: 1:20 | Scene: Allan and Nicole throw a party for Chantry.
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Let's Get High - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
Timestamp: 1:31 | Scene: Song can be heard in the credits.
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What’s the movie about?
The drama “The F-Word” is about Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe), who is single. One day he meets the bright Chantry (Zoe Kazan). But Chantry already has a boyfriend and so it remains a small flirt. Wallace doesn’t give up and makes friends with Chantry. Unfortunately, he promptly ends up in the friend zone. His buddy Allan (Adam Driver) and Chantry’s boyfriend Ben (Rafe Spall) find out that Wallace has his eye on Chantry. Soon Chantry herself can’t deny the tension between Wallace and her anymore and has to question her relationships with her boyfriend and her best friend…

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